What is CancerPOP?

The POP in CancerPOP is our Precision Oncology Program®. It pairs next-generation DNA sequencing tools, with innovative computer technology, to arm you and your care team with personalized treatment information. It includes a comprehensive report, provides one-on-one medical counseling with our oncology experts and empowers you do to everything you can to fight the disease.

Our Precision Oncology Program is available to patients around the world.*(*Data restrictions may apply in some regions - China)

How does it work?

Our computer modeling allows CancerPOP to simulate digital drug treatment options, including combined treatments. This digital, “individual, personal clinical trial” predicts which therapies will be more effective based on your genetics. It will:

  • predict how your cancer will respond to standard-of-care drugs
  • identify drug combinations for treatment
  • identify proteins within your cancer cell that explain why a drug will, or will not work for you.

Does it matter what stage my cancer is or my type of cancer?

Our Precision Oncology Program works on all cancer types: blood and solid tumor cancers. You can rely on CancerPOP when standard-of-care treatments no longer work, or at the beginning of your diagnosis and difficult journey. You decide when you need us. We are here for you.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Two weeks if prior genetic testing has been completed and the data is available*, or five to six weeks if you plan to have thorough genetic testing done in our CLIA Certified labs. ( * Some restrictions may apply, depending on the institution).

How is CancerPOP’s service different from other testing companies?

This is a time in life when more is better. Other companies may look at hundreds of genes, while we perform Whole Exome Sequencing – meaning we look at the protein-coding region of your individual genome (all the DNA inside a cell) -- from your tumor specimen. We are pulling from genomic data on approximately 20,000 genes – not hundreds. 

What exactly will CancerPOP do for me?

Our CancerPOP Patient Advocate walks you and your caregivers through our step-by-step process to arm you with the information you need now.

  1. Serve as a liaison with your medical team to obtain a quality biopsy or blood sample for testing. 
  2. Schedule and conduct DNA sequencing and computer modeling.
  3. Arrange for storage of a portion of your sample for use in potential follow-up testing.  
  4. Create a comprehensive report that is reviewed by oncology experts, that outlines your specific treatment options, including potential clinical trials for consideration.  
  5. Meet on-one-one with you to share the findings and discuss next steps with your care team.
  6. Stay in touch with you to learn how your treatment course is progressing and how you are doing.

Are there different levels of testing?

We work one-on-one with you and your caregiver to deliver your desired level of personalized service. There are two levels of testing.


If you have never had gene testing, we will manage all aspects of it for you. CancerPOP performs genetic testing on your unique cancer cells from your specimen (a biopsy sample for solid tumors and blood sample for blood-based cancer). CancerPOP will coordinate the collection and genetic testing of your specimen in our CLIA Certified lab. The resulting genomic data goes through computer modeling to simulate and match many of your genes with many drug treatments options. We provide you with a personalized report and share the findings in a medical counseling session to review your options and next steps.


If you have completed gene testing previously, CancerPOP will collect the data from your existing DNA sequencing files to run computer modeling and match many genes with many drug treatments options. We provide you with a personalized report and share the findings in a medical counseling session to review your options and next steps.

What is the cost?

Your CancerPOP patient advocate will walk through the costs with you.

CancerPOP is currently working with leading insurance companies on reimbursement for our services.

For patients in the United Kingdom, our services are covered by Bupa UK – the largest private insurer in the U.K.