Cellworks and CancerPOP Announce Data on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Tata Precision Oncology Program

Innovative Use of Computational Biology Modeling for Patients with Early T-cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ETP-ALL) Sets the Stage for Upcoming Clinical Trials

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(Atlanta, GA) December 13, 2017 -- Cellworks Group, Inc. and CancerPOP, LLC, announced data from multiple studies using computational biology modeling to study acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) during the American Society of Hematology 2017 Annual Meeting, as part of the Tata Precision Oncology Program supported by Tata Trusts. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai (TMH) and Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata (TMC) are clinical partners of this program. The computer model predictions will be validated in retrospective and prospective clinical trials and in the lab by CancerPOP based in Gainesville, Florida along with TMH and TMC.

Abstracts from three studies demonstrate the use of computers to better understand ETP-ALL and screen for new drug regimens. The computer was taught to recognize ETP-ALL from all other forms of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and identified certain genomic abnormalities distinguishing the two. The team then used the computer model of ETP-ALL to digitally screen for highly effective drug combinations. These new drug combinations were then validated in the laboratory. Results from these three studies will be used to design an upcoming clinical trial of patients with ETP-ALL.

Once the computer model is validated, this prediction technology will help doctors and patients both choose drugs with greatest likelihood of shrinking the cancer and avoid harmful drugs with low chance of success. For patients who aren’t responding to standard chemotherapy, and for patients whose cancer has relapsed, each patient’s computer model could be used to search for other FDA-approved drugs that may be effective.

Yatin Mundkur, CEO of Cellworks Group, said, “We would like to thank Tata Trusts and Tata Memorial Center for supporting this initiative. The Tata name has been associated with cancer care across India for several decades. Tata is well known for its business acumen and is associated with healthcare effectiveness. This project will build a precision medicine reference workflow which is starting to be deployed globally,” he added.

“Certain kinds of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, such as the early T-cell precursor subtype (also known as ETP-ALL), are very challenging to treat because its lack of initial response to standard chemotherapy, early relapse and poor patient survival outcomes,” said Christopher R. Cogle, M.D., professor at the University of Florida and Chief Executive Officer of CancerPOP. “These patients need more than standard chemotherapy, which prompted us to use a computational biology method to search for mechanisms of leukemia resistance and new treatment regimens.”

Presented abstracts included:

Abstract #1448; Poster; Saturday, December 9, 5:30 PM, Building A, Level 1, Hall A2. Personalized Therapy Design for Early T-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ETP-ALL) Using Computational Biology Modeling with in Vitro Validation (Turcotte, et al)

Abstract #1449; Poster; Saturday, December 9, 5:30 PM, Building A, Level 1, Hall A2. Computational Biology Model of ETP-ALL Used to Accurately Classify ETP-ALL Vs Non ETP-ALL Patients with Genomic Input (Drusbosky, et al)

Abstract #2708; Poster; Sunday, December 10; 6:00 PM, Building A, Level 1, Hall A2. Predictive Simulation Modeling of Early T-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ETP-ALL) Patient Genomics Identifies Targeted Combination Treatment Options (Drusbosky, et al)

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